United Kingdom

These consolidated consignments go by sea and take between 8-12 weeks. This is a door-to-door service. Prices in New Zealand Dollars.

Required shipping information: Name, address, postcode, telephone number, email address and credit card details.

Sea Freight 1st November- 30th April.

3 BOTTLES Mainland UK $70.00 Highlands ADD $50
6 BOTTLES: Mainland UK $110.00 Highlands ADD $60
12 BOTTLES: Mainland UK $185.00 Highlands ADD $70
15 BOTTLES: Mainland UK $210.00 Highlands ADD $85

By Sea – Monthly | ETA: up to 14 Weeks

Air Freight 1st May- 31st October

3 BOTTLES  Mainland UK $85.00 Highlands ADD $50
6 BOTTLES Mainland UK $140.00 Highlands ADD $60
12 BOTTLES Mainland UK $220.00 Highlands ADD $70
15 BOTTLES Mainland UK $300.00 Highlands ADD $85

 By Air -6 weekly.

 For Outlying Islands, please contact us for a quote.
*ETD: Consolidation frequency can vary at certain times of the year.
*ETA: Delivery dates are approximate and are subject to change.

Tracking | Once your wine has been processed and ready for shipping we will e-mail you an ETA which will include all your tracking information.
Should you need more information on your order please contact us through our contact tab and please state your name and destination country and if you have it, your order number and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.