Akarangi Malbec N/A USA


$20.00 NZD

Malbec is a French variety, traditionally used in Bordeaux blends, and in Cahors, but has more recently found great popularity in Argentina. It works well in Hawke's Bay, but is a somewhat fickle variety in the vineyard - prone to highly variable fruit-set. Mild weather over the critical period for 2014 gave us a good crop - too good in fact, and a fair bit of fruit-thinning was required to maintain the flavour intensity we are chasing in this variety.

Hand-plunged with a relatively warm ferment, then given a good long soak on skins to add a bit of spice and complexity to the primary fruit. Pressed off into French oak and matured therein for 15 months.

The Argentinians drink it with steak; that's probably at least partially because they seem to spend most of their time eating steak, but it's a pretty good match regardless.

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