Akarangi Maui N/A USA


$30.00 NZD

Mauī is Māori for ‘left’, and we use it to designate both the left half of our vineyard, and our blend of traditional left-bank Bordeaux varieties: cabernet sauvignon is the key variety here; vintage dependent there will be varying percentages of merlot, and possibly malbec.

Marginal in much of Hawke's Bay, cabernet sauvignon is picky - too hot and you lose the varietal blackcurrant flavours and get some fairly generic red wine, too cold and it will be under-ripe with unpleasant green characters and harsh tannins. Certain sites in the bay can walk that fine line, and we're pretty happy to have one of them - the stones in the old riverbed here give us the little extra heat kick needed in the bay climate.

2014 was an extremely light crop on our cabernet, less than 1kg per vine, and the quality was excellent, with fully ripe phenolics allowing an extended maceration period. The wine spent 14 months in French oak, and the final blend was 45% cabernet sauvignon, 55% merlot.

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