Allan Scott Marlborough Late Harvest Riesling 375ml

Scott Base Vineyard

$29.00 NZD

Vineyard managers like nothing better than being asked to “… nothing to those 5 rows, we want them to go a bit feral…”. Literally, the grapes are not sprayed, they are left to get fungal infections (botrytis) and left on the vine for as long as absolutely possible. In May all staff on site are rounded up, and coerced in to hand picking only the mouldiest, ugliest looking grapes. Perfect!

The great thing about a mouldy old rotten grape, is that is hides what can only be described as liquid gold. The unorthodox approach then continues in the winery, normally an aromatic grapes get a 2-3 hour press cycle. The grapes for this wine were loaded into the press, the press switched on ……. 3 days later approximately 500L of liquid gold sat in the press tray. The juice was lightly filtered to get rid of the mould, it was then fermented for approximately 3 months before the yeast finally gave up and admitted defeat – we then filtered it again to make sure the wine was in perfect condition for bottling.

Sticky icky icky, ohhhhh wee. There is a true art to making great dessert wine, especially when leaving nature to take its course and managing ‘noble rot’, where the highest $/ml for wine is achieved, we love using minimal handling and working alongside nature to produce one of the most consistently awarded late harvest Rieslings in the country. Clean sweet honeysuckle and raisins mixed all through with fresh tree bled maple syrup and a fine dusting of cinnamon, all meld with a mouth filling silkiness that coats the entirety of the mouth but finishes clean and pure but just lingers enough.

Match this wine with pate, blue cheese, pears, and pretty much any dessert you are in to.
Don’t forget – because it is Riesling – it is only going to get better with age!

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