Hans Herzog Estate Arneis 2017 750ml

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Arneis, the main white grape variety from Piedmont (North-West Italy) famous for its Barolo and Barbaresco (Nebbiolo) is best from the Roero area, on the left bank of the Tanaro River with soils composed of gravel and sand making flavourful wines with great minerality. No wonder our Arneis has found winelovers around the world, as it grows on the very same soils next to the Wairau River but is handpicked at low yield levels (less than 1kg/vine) for increased complexity and flavours. Whilst 2017 was a challenging year our low yield philosophy paid out and we picked healthy grapes bursting with flavours before any rain touched 

I left the fruit on a short cold soak (cold maceration) to extract all the goodness of the skins before I let the must progress to its natural (wild yeast) fermentation until no residual sugar was left. Its fine lees has been regularly stirred assisting to its complexity and depth. Keeping with my approach of hands-on in the vineyard but hands-off in the winery, this wine wasn’t exposed to cold stabilization, is unfired, only lightly filtrated and unoaked to retain the delicate aromas. Natural sediments may show and are testimony of this high quality wine. Perfect in taste, naturally.

A refreshing and aromatic wine bursting with notes of tropical stone fruit and a refined lemon zest kick! Flavours of Williams’s pear sweep across the tongue and the balanced acidity make for an elegant and fresh finish. The definition of a summer wine! If you favour the primary fruit aromas and beautiful fragrance we suggest drinking this wine in its youth!