Chard Farm Vipers Vineyard Riesling 750ml

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There is strong limey fruit on the nose with hints of spice and white pepper. The palate is rich and fruity with flavours of tangelo soft jube sweets. The finish is carried by the long and precise mineral acid.

Our Vipers Vineyard is located on an undulating terrace in the Parkburn area of Cromwell. It takes its name from the wildflower Vipers Bugloss covering the area. Grown on the Arena C Block of the vineyard, the steep NNE facing slope produces grapes with distinctive lime flavours and a mineral edge.

This wine is made from the first pick of Riesling grapes just as they are coming into the right balance of fruit flavour, acid and sweetness. The Arena C block develops good flavours earlier than the rest of vineyard, and with higher acid. So to keep the wine balanced it is made in a medium sweet style, and is a wonderful aperitif or great with food that has a little heat.