Allan Scott Marlborough Rosé 750ml

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As a new age man I don’t mind admitting I have a number of shirts that are various shades of pink, one that is light red, one I would class as fuchsia, one definitely a Marlborough Salmon and the third is a checked Magenta. I also don’t mind admitting that one of the shirts probably matches the distinctive colour of this glowing Rose.

The aroma brings me back to when I was 10yrs old, had a toffee apple in one hand, candyfloss in the other and both were melting just a little because its stinking hot in the sun. It pours out the memories of sweet burnt candyfloss with caramelised green apple hints, these mix brilliantly with a drying acidity and some complexity from the skins of the grapes that sit with the wine for a couple of days prior to pressing. Providing a wine that’s as easy on the eye as on the tongue.

Real men drink rose, and sometimes even when they are wearing their pink shirts. Rose is traditionally a gruntier, fuller and more rounded white wine due to its production, and both the nose and palate of ours is straight outta the fairground.