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Allan Scott

$38.50 NZD

Clone 5

The Clone comes from the famous Pommard region in France. It was isolated by UC Davis of California and was widely planted around the world in the 1970’s. Our Scott Base Central Otago Clone 5 shows big rich primary red fruit, lots of dark cherry with a rich and fruity palate. It retains its acidity, has a good amount of French oak and finishes with some tight tannins.

Clone 10/5

This was the first Clone to come into NZ in the 60’s and was widely planted by the first Pinot Noir producers. It originates from Burgundy, France and although a lot of early producers used it for the production of Methode Traditionelle, with age and good crop management it produces some outstanding wines. Our Scott Base Central Otago 10/5 is extremely rich in ripe red fruit, it has a depth of flavour that gives a lingering complexity on the palate, and enough oak to integrate with the fruit.

Clone 777

This is one on the newer “sexier” Dijon clones from France, and popular with winemakers around New Zealand. It is specifically selected for its smaller crops, tight bunches and lovely fruit characters. Our Scott Base Central Otago Clone 777 has some big black fruit, but also a herbal character with hints of chocolate and leather and a lot tighter tannins.

Scott Base Pinot Noir Central Otago RESERVE 2015

This wine is a blend of the above three wines. Although all wines are outstanding by themselves...blending wines can sometimes bring different flavours together in harmony and here is a shining example of this. Our Scott Base Central Otago Reserve is a lot fuller bodied in flavour with aromas of berry fruit and black cherries, wild thyme and toasty oak, layered with savoury spice. It is a medium bodied wine that is rich and luscious, with supple tannins, balanced acidity, and a long finish.

Quite simply: the best of the best.

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