Hans Herzog Estate Cuvée Thérèse Brut Nature Rosé 2014 750ml

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80% Pinot Noir / 20% Chardonnay

The grapes for the base wine need to be of impeccable quality for a zero dosage sparkling as there is no added sugar with the usual dosage* to make the wine less acidic and pretty to drink. We handselected and handpicked our high quality organic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes at good ripeness with beautiful flavours.

 “I prefer Sparkling wine dry and less acidic from riper fruit with fuller flavour and body and the méthode traditionnelle is the most meticulous way of making wine sparkle”. The healthy grapes for the base wine have been crushed and destemmed followed by a short cold maceration. Then pressed, fermented and aged for 12 months in French Puncheons on its fine lees. A secondary fermentation in the bottle continues with the “tirage” and further ageing on its lees in the bottle with riddling and disgorging carried out using traditional French methods for this “naked” Sparkling Rose.

*Before final bottling, most Champagne is given a final dosage (a mixture of sugar syrup and wine known as the liqueur d'expedition) to adjust its sweetness up to the desired level. This step is deliberately omitted for Brut Nature wines, leaving the wine in its 'natural' state.

“Rosé zero dossage” is an invitation to revel in the most explosive of pink “Champagnes” redolent of the magnificent natural flavours of the fruit. Seductive aromas of red berries and fine bubbles with the rarity of no sugar dosage make up for a unique natural Sparkling. Impressive in its opulence of ripe fruit but with a refreshing finish.