Jules Taylor Grüner Veltliner 750ml

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Gru-what? It's Gruner Veltliner (grew-ner velt-lee-ner) but you can call it Gru-vee for short.

Gru-vee's a grape native to Austria but in the last few years a few NZ winemakers have started dabbling with the variety. Jules first planted this one back in 2010 and just a couple of years later caught the eye of UK wine scribbler Matthew Jukes who called it "the finest non-Austrian Gruner I have tried to date."

A medium bodied, dry white that in her own words Jules describes as "a cool climate wine somewhere between an aromatic white and a Chardonnay."

A Blue/Gold medal winner at the Sydney International Wine Competition. That's a show judged with food and we'd put our bottom dollar that the pairing was fresh seafood. There are some out there that reckon Gruner's a better match to fresh oysters than Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc - shhh, we didn't just say that!