Hans Herzog Estate "Wild" Pinot Gris 2017 750ml

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Vintage 2017

A challenging year but with our low yield we picked delicious healthy grapes bursting with flavours before any rain touched them.

Hans' Comment

There are many winemaking philosophies and with anything artistic, it is often in the eye of the beholder… One of the more controversial approaches is for natural wine, which comes in very different cloaks. A wine that gives me pleasure to drink is pure and fresh, reflecting and respecting its clean fruit. Clean fruit is achieved through hard, hands-on work in the vineyard not ‘laissez-faire’ (neglecting the vines) and ride and hide mediocre fruit and winemaking faults behind the fashionable natural wine wave. With this in mind we introduce another wild kid which evolved not only from a natural wild fermentation which is standard for most of our wines. Instead, I let a part of the healthy and pure Pinot Gris grape clusters go wild in an old 500lt French oak puncheon, including skin and everything… Gentle, non-mechanical handling means unopened berries begin fermentation within themselves to provide a bright and lifted fresh fruit component accented with seductive floral characteristics. The result is a delicious, intriguing and intricate wine that delivers abundant fruit for early enjoyment but possesses enough tannins to ensure longevity. The fruit floats across the palate with a core of deep concentration and unfolds in veils of complexity. The gently pressed wine evolved for 9 months of its fine lees and has not been exposed to cold stabilization, fining or filtration to retain the elusive aromas this method developed. Natural sediments may show and are testimony of this high quality wine. Perfect in taste, naturally.

Tasting Notes

The ethereal scents of this opaque cheeky pink blushed Pinot Gris remind of ripe melon and strawberries. Mouth-filling with a rich and complex palette and refreshing tannins. There is a sweet lingering finish astounding for a dry Pinot Gris with no residual sugar.